October 2, 2009

Embroidery is magical.


Hello! This will be the last blog post you ever read on this site! Chronologically. Which means that yes, this is my first blog post. Ever. Jumping right into the 21st century, I suppose.
I never had any motivation to start a blog, I considered (and still consider) them to be the ultimate narcissistic indulgence of the modern age. But I love looking for inspiring things on the internet, and do this frequently. When I find something great, I bookmark it. Well I am/was running out of space to bookmark. Hello blog.

Above is a truly funny/adorable Carson Ellis print. Love her work.

Down here, feast your eyes on this wonderful tattoo artist out of the Baltimore/D.C. area, Thomas Kinney. The color and style are beautiful! I love his lettering too.

(this one is a painting. with a modest mouse reference! double awesome.)

I also enjoy some of Kev Grey’s illustrations.

(sorry for the tshirt, it’s the only example I could find.)


I love his take on the sparrow flash.

But what really gets me are these stockings from a collaboration with Lascivious lingerie…

I cannot describe how much I love these without sounding like an idiot.

Hello world!

September 18, 2009